We help businesses and institutions to innovate, by connecting people and products to their highest potential.


Nextlevel is Marketing and Integrated Communication consultancy, based in Rome Italy, and specialized in "Brand Development" and "Competitive Positioning".
Founded on the guiding principles of quality, innovation and cooperation, Nextlevel operates through the integration of traditional media with the most advanced tools in the context of the web, mobile and digital.
Nextlevel helps companies to achieve their goals, making available the know-how of the big international agencies (from which many of our employees come), without the bureaucracy and the high operating costs of the latter, which inevitably weigh on the client.

Nextlevel Srl was founded in Rome – Italy in 2008 by Gian Luca Masciangelo and it is part of MASCIANGELO+PARTNERS Group.


Every client is unique, every solution is different.


Our work is based on a modular resource organization system. The work team is assembled from time to time for the specific task and business objective. This allows us to channel the right energy where they serve really, clearly, effectively and within budget.


The only competition is with yourself.
The "Competitive Position".


Nextlevel is a leader in the study and development of the "Competitive Position". The company of which Nextlevel become the Communication Partner, is equipped with all necessary means to acquire leadership in its market sector.
Everything starts from the recognition and enhancement of the uniqueness and corporate values of a brand. Nextlevel helps identifying and promoting those deep values.
After defining the distinctive elements of a company or a product, and channeling these elements along communication lines that belong exclusively to our client, we create a market positioning that becomes both a behavioral guide for the company and the projection of an authoritative reference for the general public.


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